H A L L V E I G   Á G Ú S T S D Ó T T I R

"Hallveig Agustsdottir’s Sound Drawings (2014/15) are the direct traces of performances in which the process of rubbing and smearing graphite and charcoal are made musical. Here we are not so much drawing towards sound as sounding the very act of drawing."

The Wire:
'Graphic scores: from the symbolic to the indexical'

2015 © Robert Barry

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k-LA/nk ︎ VIDEO

Kaja Draksler & Hallveig Agustsdottir performing live at Bimhuis Amsterdam in April 2014.

2014 © Bimhuis Amsterdam

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"The work of Hallveig Agustsdottir explores an almost equal fusion between music and the visual arts. She is a young artist who has already produced exciting and original works developing ideas that stem from three traditions: musical, artistic and cinema – in particular, the visual musical score, musically constructed video and the improvised production of sound, for example, directly from the act of drawing. [...]

In all her work, process and effect are always equally available for the audience – the experience remains magical and is only enhanced by awareness of how the magic is produced."

2010 © Malcolm Le Grice